Some words about me.

My name is Thorben und i was born in Germany (Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia).

Surrounded by fields and forests i live now on a farm in middle-sweden (Värmland). When i am not working on new designs, i spent time in the forest, build on wooden houses or go to the gym with friends.

Since i am 16 years i have contact with digital media and the creation of websites. My first website i made with self-written HTML und CSS. I quickly noticed that i have a lot of fun with it and i started to buy books about design, programming and website-creation to become better and more profesional. Internships and several months of work in design and marketing agencies followed.

After some years travelling around the globe, i finally found a place to live, where i have now more time and peace again to follow my passion of crafting websites, graphic-designs and online-projects.